New Children's Cartoon in progress

Martin Allen and Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers bring you a fun packed, Hip Hop themed educational story on how to look after our planet, with the subject of this first story covering the importance of keeping plastic out of the ocean. We also help to teach the youngsters the importance of looking after each other and keeping their minds positive in this ever changing world we live in. There is a mixture of cool and funny characters living in Reef Rock including Boo Boo Shrimp & Crazy Crab Legs, all popping, breakdancing together and looking after their ocean.

In this story the crew collect a net full of plastic bottles and take them out of the ocean to the trash cans on the beach so they can be collected for recycling, each book/story will deal with different environmental issues relating to the oceans of the world, of course there is plenty of dancing and fun along the way on every adventure.

Super fly beats are provided by the one and only DJ Algae, the master on the wheels of steel who creates a funky soundtrack for all to dance to in the sea (check out his tunes in the 2 videos below).

We are in the process of pitching this first story "Aqua Boogie-Message of the Bottle" to publishers and to anyone who think they can help us, we are open to any ideas to get this project off the ground and in the hands of kids. Michael and myself are passionate about the positive education of the ocean, dance and hip hop, we both live by the ocean with a 5500 mile distance between us, Essex, UK to Los Angeles, USA. With communication technology of today this has been a project where distance doesn't get in the way of our work, in fact it has made it an exciting journey with no boundaries.

The Boo Boo Shrimp character is based on Michael Chambers who starred in hit dance films Breakin' and Electric Boogaloo, his love of keeping the environment clean reflects this story as he grew up around the bay area of Los Angeles and his love for the ocean and fellow neighbors is the passion behind this educational project. Michael has been awarded for being a pioneer in the dance arts and now he wants to educate and have fun with Boo Boo Shrimp, dancing and keeping the oceans safe for future generations.

Please get in touch for any enquiries or ideas, we feel this project has the potential for a lot of merchandising avenues, maybe one day even a TV show which we are already pushing for in the USA. The story "Message of the Bottle" is now complete along with all the illustrations, so we are ready to go!

Many thanks

Martin Allen & Michael Chambers



Aqua Boogie Promo Trailer


Aqua Boogie In Da Club Promo Trailer

The Aqua Boogie Characters of Reef Rock

Aqua Boogie Kids Book

Marina C

Aqua Boogie Kids Book Hip Hop

Crazy Crab Legs

Aqua Boogie Kids Book

Boo Boo Shrimp

Aqua Boogie Kids Book Evironmental Message

Sergeant Shellshock

Aqua Boogie Kids Book Martin Allen


Aqua Boogie Kids Book by Martin Allen and Boogaloo Shrimp

DJ Algae

Plus many more characters including some Special Guests.....

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Aqua Boogie Kids Cartoon

Story and illustrations by Martin Allen

Aqua Boogie

Community Beach Cleans

Aqua Boogie have been involved in a few community beach cleans in Clacton on sea, Essex, UK with more planned for the future, with help and support from local volunteers. Arranged by Councillor Andrew Pemberton, Aqua Boogie fully supports these events and wants to spread the word and educate our youngsters of the impact to the environment that plastic and general waste has to the sealife in the ocean.

Volunteers of all ages are welcome and with cuts in services in the UK this is the ideal time to help out but more importantly make an example to future generations, just by putting your rubbish in bins or taking it back home with you off the beach really makes a difference to our oceans.

Check our social media sites for dates of upcoming events.

Thank you from the bottom of our ocean!